The Arpeggios Story

Arpeggios was born from the lifelong love of music, jazz in particular, of owners Carmen and Thurman Johnson. Though Louisiana is the birthplace of jazz, there were no lounges or venues in Acadiana that focused on this unique, musical style.

In 2016, Arpeggios changed that by opening its doors as a venue for local and regional jazz artists to showcase their craft to the great joy of the small but strong contingent of jazz enthusiasts in the Opelousas area.

After experiencing success as a jazz venue, Arpeggios began serving food in 2017, offering a lunch menu, as well as off site catering. With authentic Creole cuisine served with love, the success of the lunch menu led to the addition of breakfast in 2018. Our signature “Zydeco Breakfast Menu” delights our patrons with classic Creole dishes like shrimp and grits and numerous other breakfast staples.

Today, Arpeggios has expanded its services to include off site catering and special events, such as wedding receptions, business meetings, private parties and more. We are proud and pleased to be one of the most unique venues in the region that provides an elegant atmosphere and a smooth jazz vibe, as well as fantastic food and drinks.

What is an Arpeggio?

An arpeggio is a musical technique when a musician plays the notes of a particular chord one at a time in a swift succession. This creates a fast, flowing sound that is very distinct. Also known as a “broken chord”, arpeggios have long been a key part of the repertoires of countless, famous musicians.